sexta-feira, 16 de abril de 2010

Master Classics 3 - From the Original Master Tapes (Studio Mix)

Master Classics is a collection of set-mixes of the série "Original Master Tapes"
which brings great classics of the past in rare versions in the world phonografic.

Let's start this weekend... with a special selection for all friends, visitors and partners of Studio Mix! A trip in the 80s.

Join me to enjoy this special moment

Marcelo Studio Mix
Equipe Primmu´s Black

Set list
  1. Eleanor Goodman - Sneak Preview (Extended Version)
  2. Dante - Freak in me
  3. Gayle Adams - I'm Warning You
  4. Serena - Get your body up
  5. Brenda Taylor - You can't have your cake and eat it too
  6. Advance - Take Me To The Top
  7. Strike One - You Can't Touch Me Anymore
  8. Phillys St James - Candie light afternoon

Link: Master Classics 3

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Atlantic Starr- All In The Name Of Love

 Relembrando um grande momento da Black Music romantica. -->  Classica dos bailes  A química de Barbara e Wayne foi inegável neste vídeo