domingo, 26 de agosto de 2012

Club Classics 9 (Bossa Longe Mix)


Club Classics 9 (Bossa Lounge Special Mix) by Studio Mix

Lounge music is a musical genre that is intended to provoke (evoke) in the listeners the feeling of being in a place, such as a jungle, an island paradise, space, etc., other than where they are listening, transporting them to a country a region to a particular situation.

Generally, bases are produced valuing instrumental, rhythmic beats and soothing human voice. Despite its origins, the Music Lounge gained technical developments, whims and very detailed which ultimately introduce refinements that make the music has a lot of nuance. So, turns out to be a musical style that includes numerous worked origins and outcomes.

Studio Mix Records ... prepared a  mixtape  with a special base to curtirmos this musical style that has been gaining ground.
A trip to the past , enjoying  the best of flash back in style!

Studio Mix Records preparou um set uma base especial para curtirmos este estilo musical que vem ganhando espaço.
Uma grande viagem ao passando... curtindo no presente,  o melhor do flash back em grande estilo !

Set list
  1. Marcela Mangabeira - September (Bossa Longe Mix)
  2. Patty Ascher - I Say a Little Prayer (Bossa Longe Mix)
  3. Marcela Mangabeira - Poker Face (Bossa Longe Mix)
  4. Tahta Menezes - Disturbia (Bossa Longe Mix)
  5. Eduardo Braga - Smooth Operator  (Bossa Longe Mix)
  6. Maria Augusta - How deep is your love (Bossa Longe Mix)
  7. Georgeana Bonow - Luka (Bossa Longe Mix)
  8. Bob Tostes  -  Sunny (Bossa Longe Mix)
  9. Cris Delanno - Beat it (Bossa Longe Mix)
  10. Barbara Mendes -  Rehab (Bossa Longe Mix)

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  1. como vai galera do studio mix,todo bem,onde está o link p/o grd.abç.

  2. Marco, me envia o teu E-mail, assim te envio o link


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